Account Director

Wernecke - Headshot.png

Ellen Wernecke is a social and digital strategy expert who connects organizations with their communities and builds authentic brands online. Ellen has advised numerous Fortune 100 Companies and helped develop content for Condé Nast, Hearst and Martha Stewart. Most recently, she was the social media manager for Swing Left, connecting with volunteers and donors all over the country and helping Democrats flip the U.S. House, the White House and the U.S. Senate. She shared the 2019 NewFounders Activism Award for her role with “The Last Weekend,” a ground-breaking campaign to harness progressive energy into a wave of volunteering for the midterm elections. Prior to that, she helped establish a first-in-class digital newsroom for the dairy industry, uniting social listening, rapid-response communications and proactive content strategy. 

Ellen graduated summa cum laude from Brown University and volunteers with Open Books and the Women’s Global Leadership Initiative. She is a Jeopardy! champion, a slow but improving runner and the person in your book club who always finishes the book.