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Senior Writer

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Ian Watts has more than a decade of experience in communications for businesses, nonprofits and government officials. Before joining Rise, he was the director of public relations for a national law firm specializing in product liability cases, where he managed external relationships and served as an official spokesperson with national media.


He also has served as the managing editor for the Illinois Senate President’s office, where he oversaw a content creation team of more than 20 people. While there, he guided media relations and community outreach strategies on complex topics, including ridding Illinois law of systemic racism, establishing the first statewide cash-free bail system in the United States, and an education reform law that experts have called a national model. He also was a key member of the team that managed the caucus’s crisis responses.


Based in Los Angeles, Ian enjoys helping clients find their unique voices and tell powerful stories that can appeal to widely varied audiences. He graduated magna cum laude from Carleton College with a bachelor’s degree in international relations and political science.


In his spare time, Ian enjoys traveling with his husband, hiking and spending more time than he probably should in the kitchen.

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